Circus By Name Only


110,000 sq ft

Recyclability Rate


Man Days


Westferry Circus

FDS were awarded the strip out subcontract package at this large commercial space in Canary Wharf.
The works consisted of the full strip out of 3no floors, as well as the full M&E strip of a further 2 floors, reception alterations and basement shower and plant room strip out.

The biggest challenge of this project was accommodating an ambitious program with tight logistical constraints. Only one lift was available for vertical distribution of waste materials meaning a very precise catalogue of collections needed to be scheduled in each day on a just-in-time basis. There were also several complications with the tracing and validation of various services throughout the building. This meant that a number of revisits were required to each workface. FDS worked flexibly with the Main Contractor to ensure this had a negligible impact on program.