Distanced Demolition




50,000 sq ft

Reuse Tonnage


New Cavendish St

FDS were contracted, during the first Coronavirus National Lockdown, to undertake the strip out and refurbishment of 50k ft2 of office space in Fitzrovia, London. The work comprised of two large office floor-plates, a live reception and basement showers.

This was the first test of operational resilience to the onset of Covid restrictions. FDS rose to the challenge introducing working ‘bubbles’ who were identifiable by colour coded high-vis clothing and were generally sourced from labour pools that share households. This reduced the additional risk that coming to work might have had on our operative’s health and safety.

Upon successful completion of the strip out, FDS went on to execute extensive builders work. Trimming steels were designed and installed for the formation of a series of openings for a new feature staircase which ran from reception through to all office floors. Curtain walling was removed and new blockwork walls built for new shower facilities in the basement. All work was completed on time and without incident.

“FDS helped Structure Tone achieve and beat the first major project milestone despite the complication brought about with the onset of Covid. This was duly celebrated over Zoom with the Client and Professional Team.” – Eddie Gardiner, Stucture Tone Senior Project Manager