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Structural Alterations

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On the backend of 2 successful partnerships at Mid City Place, Structure Tone engaged FDS to carry out the design, supply and install of structural alterations and builder’s work for Eataly’s flagship London location. FDS worked collaboratively with the mechanical and electrical contractors to determine the most efficient way to set out and size the slab penetrations. The site spanned the Ground, Mezzanine and 1st floors of the 135 Bishopsgate redevelopment.

The design work was undertaken involving several parties from FDS’ own engineers to the Main Contractors’ and various Client Consultants. This was supported by a fully integrated document control system and utilized state-of-the-art computer modelling technology from existing as-built information.

Due to the size of the basebuild development, this was one of many projects being delivered simultaneously on the premises. This meant that FDS had to adhere to a strict 3rd party logistical protocol. All materials brought to site were first directed to a consolidation center and transported in sequence to site on a just in time basis.